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Let me tell you my story, when I got on AdvoCare products, I started feeling great. I lost 13 lbs and I haven’t had this much energy since I was a teenager. My husband now uses the products and loves the extra energy. My friend Amanda got on the products and lost 15 lbs. You’ve gotta get on these products! There's also a great business opportunity with AdvoCare. Since I joined AdvoCare, I now have a plan with a company that has a proven track record, proven plan and a family of leaders who truly care about my success. Dreams are just a vision, but a purpose is a vision with a mission! And my purpose is simple: By March 2014, I will be making an extra $1000 a month so that my family can go our first family vacation & relieve some of our financial stress. And by this time next year, we will be making $6000 a month so that I can stay home with my daughter. We want to live life on our on terms and we want to show you can do it too. My promise to you: I and my fellow AdvoCare team leaders will devote ourselves to you. We will help you uncover your purpose and help you reach your ultimate goals, empowering you to be a better you and sharing this journey with you by arming you with the best possible tools and resources. It starts with a Spark ~ Contact me now so we can Spark a purpose within you!
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