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In Spring of 2012 Aimee was officially labeled morbidly obese and she was looking for a solution to her health crisis. Diet and exercise alone was not enough. So, that summer she did the 24 Day Challenge and quickly lost 16 pounds & 17 inches in those 24 days, that had never been possible before AdvoCare. Due to her healthy 3 pronged lifestyle change of diet, exercise, and supplementation with AdvoCare products she was getting the results she had always hoped for and getting healthy the "right way." Her husband James then joined her on her second 24 Day Challenge and he became a believer as well losing over 20 pounds in his first 24 days. Since beginning their AdvoCare journey they have each lost 70 pounds! That's 140 pounds all together and along the way have earned an amazing Plan B income working part time and helping other people reach their personal goals by helping them find solutions that AdvoCare offers. As a result we now earn a full time income with AdvoCare and have paid off over $30,000 in debt since making the decision to become Advisors with AdvoCare.
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