Andy and Neelee Mangum
Advocare Independent Distributor
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About me
Our names are Andy and Neelee Mangum and we truly feel blessed to be able to help others with the two most important areas of life, improving their health and financial freedom! If you're interested in AdvoCare for burning fat, gaining muscle, toning up, gaining energy, improving your sports performance or improving your overall health, we are deeply committed to coaching you for optimal results. If your interest ALSO includes a Plan B source of income, we'll partner with you every step of the way, to show you how you can achieve financial freedom like we have. We have found a purpose that inspires us to want to help other families grab a hold of their dreams and make them a reality by benefitting from the same success system we were so blessed to be a part of. Physical or financial freedom, whatever your desire, we are here to help. 3 John 1:2 - Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.
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Our Products Active Trim Well Performance Elite Opportunity
Advocare Take the 24 Day Challenge!

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1/21/2013 10:46 PM via web
Advocare Bob & Jenny Donnelly - Washington

2/5/2013 10:24 PM via web
Advocare Mark Truvillion, MI

1/18/2013 2:05 PM via web
wesbewley ADVISORMOVIE is a 17 minute video that shows a new distributor how and why to get to Advisor ASAP. Includes overview of how we get paid here

  1 Review
1/27/2013 11:07 PM via web
wesbewley INCREASEMOVIE is a 16 minute video designed to show your prospect "The Big Picture" of Advocare. Short, Sweet, and gets the Yes

1/27/2013 10:57 PM via web
wesbewley FOURFEARS is another 16 minute video that addresses 4 common misconceptions that hold people back from getting to YES

  1 Review
1/27/2013 11:01 PM via web
Advocare AdvoCare Reviews - The AdvoCare Business Opportunity

2/5/2013 9:19 PM via web
Advocare Drew Brees, New Orleans Quarterback

1/18/2013 2:27 PM via web
Advocare AdvoCare Herbal Cleanse on NBC news.

1/28/2013 1:36 PM via web
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