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My husband Scott and I were always so tired of being overweight with never any energy to get us through our days. Then one weekend while we were visiting friends out of town, we were introduced to Spark....OH MY GOSH!!! We loved it so much we signed up as a distributor the very next day! Now, I am a very careful person when it comes to putting unnatural things in my body, call me paranoid but I don't want side effects from something 10 years down the road from that 1 weight loss pill I tried and it didn't even work. So when I found out that AdvoCare was designed by the Top Minds in our health system with over 150 years of research behind it, I knew it would be great for us! Even after all that, the person telling me about it was an RN, and her Doctor recommends this to his patients! I told my husband, "I'm Sold" and we signed up! Now Scott and I are going to start the 24 Day Challenge and get our lives back on track! We are so excited about this and we hope you will join us on our journey through our 24 Day Challenge, hopefully our story will motivate you to start your story too!
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