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Welcome to our site! We are Favio and Gina Ortega from San Diego, CA. We have a handsome boxer pup, Oreo who lives with us and keeps us very active. We live about a mile from the beach, 30 minutes from mountains and 30 minutes form downtown, so we love to be outdoors! Our favorite Adovare products are: 1. The 24 Day Challenge 2. Catalyst 3. Thermo Plus 4. The Elite line (yes, ALL products) 5. Rehydrate Our health and fitness journey with Advocare began in January 2015. For New Years we decided to visit Miami, so we started packing and realized that none of our clothes fit us. This left us with no choice but to buy bigger clothes, and leave us self-conscious. This of course caused us to only take about 10 photos while we were there for a week. When we came back, we decided 2015 was our year to be fit, happy, healthy and self-confident. I saw my friend who had just completed the 24 day challenge and had amazing results! She not only looked good, but was feeling amazing. Favio and I decided to start the challenge on February 2nd and we lost 12 pounds and 10% body fat, and 6 pounds and 7% body fat, respectively. The Challenge not only changed our healthy habits, but got us into a routine. It also has made us an additional $500 in our first month and we are on track for $1,000 per month in the next six months doing Advocare part-time. Our favorite part of Advocare aside from the products is helping others reach their goals. It's such an amazing feeling to help others gain confidence, and see the glow in their eye when they regain their self-esteem. If you are looking for side income, and want to help others, join our team!
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