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Five years ago we were looking for a solution after I lost 80% of my real estate income & we were relying on Jen's part time teaching income. We were struggling with financial & time debt & we had just added Jackson to our life. We were looking for a solution & that is when Advocare found us. $1000 / month in our 1st year got our attention & our belief grew that this could work for us & we plugged into the Success System & began sharing & helping others. 2 years into our part time Advocare business, we were making more part time with Advocare than our combined incomes in real estate & teaching & Jen came home to be a full time mom. Soon thereafter I left the real estate field & we are now work from home parents with Advocare. We've paid off over 100k in debt & we are helping others do the same. If you are looking for OPTIONS & a part time solution, then maybe Advocare may be for you. We hope to hear from you so we can help you design a winning game plan!
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