Tammy Walker
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About me
It all started with a Spark! Being a wife and mother along with working 60 hours per week in a corporate job, I needed energy and lots of it! A family member introduced me to Spark to get the energy I needed in addition to core nutrition I was missing from my daily diet. After taking Spark and nutritional supplements, within 24 minutes I felt a difference, within 24 hours I knew the difference, and within 24 days I could see a difference! Since joining AdvoCare, I have become a “Difference Maker” in so many lives. I enjoy sharing health and wellness with others along with sharing the amazing income opportunity that AdvoCare has to offer. There's nothing more rewarding than helping others while being empowered to live life on my own terms. What’s your story? Do you need more energy, do you want to lose weight, or just want to earn extra income for your household? Whatever the reason, I can help you reach your goals! Ask me how you can save 20% - 40% off retail price!
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