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There was a point in our lives where we were down, out, miserable, overweight and lazy. Our business had failed, we hated our jobs, everything was on our last nerve - including each other. _____________________________________________ In June 2011, we found AdvoCare and started with our first 24-Day Challenge. We changed what we ate, hit the gym, had new motivation... Krystal lost 18lbs in 24 days and went on to lose 68lbs in 90 days! Chad lost 12lbs and 6 inches from his waist in 24 days, and a total of 60lbs. We had that opportunity to find ourselves again - and we did. _____________________________________________ We went to our first AdvoCare Business Opportunity Meeting... we heard tons of success after another after another. We looked at ourselves, our situation, and we said, "you know, let's do it... the worst thing that can happen is that we don't succeed. We'll be no worse off than we are. If it isn't for us, great... BUT WHAT IF IT IS?" At that point, we dedicated ourselves to doing the business, by helping others... _____________________________________________ Now as Advocare Emerald Leaders, we have a great opportunity to help others reach the same goals we have... we have the opportunity to help others succeed with both weight loss and their finances. OUR GOAL: to help you reach YOUR GOAL. _____________________________________________ Kids: Marshall (16), Cadence (10), Sawyer (6) Home: Providence Village, TX
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