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Jeremy and Lindsay Sinnes My wife Lindsay got started with AdvoCare in search of weight loss when nothing else had worked. She got started on prouct and over 18 months lost 32 pounds, 27 inches and went from a size 14 to a size 6. she has since changed her body composition and is constantly trading more muscle for less fat I got started on product to support Lindsay. I expected to see only small results and I was very skeptical but after losing 23 pounds of fat and adding 15 pounds of muscle I am sold on the product. I lost the weight in a couple months and then it took a year and a half to add the muscle. I seperated both shoulders playing sports in that time but with the help of our new lifestyle I was able to keep the weight off through the healing process. With the changes that we have made personally we have been able to influence great change amongst our family and friends and their lives are better because of it. We are teaching our daughter how to eat right,work out and supplement properly so that she can grow up with a great belief in how to do things the right way so that she can give herself the best chance to grow up healthy and impact the lives around her as well. We believe that everyone can be better today than they were yesterday, ourselves included, and we are going to strive to help as many people as possible realize that for themselves. We are here to leave a Legacy and we want to take you with us Lindsay's Cell 509-307-0063 Jeremy's Cell 509-930-1597 Email:
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