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Thanks for visiting our website! Congratulations on deciding to make a change in your current situation! Whether you are looking for weight loss, increased energy, a better fitness lifestyle, or investing in your financial future, Advocare is the company that will help you with all. Celebrating 23 years of success this year, Advocare has truly impacted many ordinary families lives, including ours. Earl and I got introduced to Advocare through a friend in August of 2011. After 2 years of living way too comfortable, eating very unhealthy, and having absolutely no time or energy to workout or even play with our then 4 year old son Noah, we finally had enough. Much like other couples, we got started on the 24 day challenge, and within 10 days I had lost 8 lbs and Earl had lost 12 and we both had more energy than we thought possible. After 8 months of continuing on the products Earl had lost a total of 44 lbs and I had lost 44! We felt our age again! The products and results also gave us the motivation to dream again, but this time with action! We always had the entrepreneurial spirit, so grabbing a hold of the business of Advocare just made sense. With the GREAT and REWARDING compensation plan, we knew we had a great future in Advocare. So in July of 2012 we flew to Texas for Success School and caught the vision of Advocare and what it could REALLY do for our future and many others! We came home and got straight to work and started changing peoples lives with the amazing products and business opportunity. Within a couple months we were earning $1000 a month. Every year we have doubled our income and we have a plan in place to earn more than $86,000 this year and we are so excited to be helping so many others achieve their financial and fitness goals. It may or may not be for you, but if you know anyone that could benefit from the products or business, send them our way! We appreciate and reward referrals. Thanks for visiting our site! Your time is NOW! :)
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